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MTU 8/12/16V 396 engine parts

Shanghai DCM diesel engine industry  Co., Ltd. is special in diesel engine .service  offering a cost effective and comprehensive professional service throughout the world. Our team of highly trained staff and engineers are experienced in all types of diesel machinery and marine equipment, power plant equipment and turbochargers.
We can offer the best solutions and prices for almost types of Ships built in China, France, Russia, Germany & Poland.
We serve and supply the seagoing vessel, river ships, and fishing fleets with diesel engine spare parts and marine equipment. Well-Known ship owners, ship management companies and shipyards on all continents have built up their confidence in us and become our regular customers.
Due to the long-standing experience and good co-operation with leading manufacturers worldwide. Consignments are of original spare parts from our highly qualified and certified manufacturers and OEM suppliers what we can prove and guarantee.
Our committed and experienced team guarantees you a thorough handling of each enquiry.
Company’s Marine Activities:
Deliveries of diesel engine spare parts an their components, complete deck and engine equipments, electrical stores, from European and Asia manufacturers to ship owners and ship management companies, fishing fleets, shipbuilding yards and ship repair yards as well as trading companies.
Distributor, repair, service & spare parts
Diesel Engine,Generator, Gas turbine, Gas Engine and other auxiliary equipment such as the oil separator, air compressor etc.
Engineering / Consulting
Gas generator sets, disel engine, CHP and CCHP system ,transformer equipment, monitoring alarm system,gas treatment equipment,cooling system control system, Exhaust gas purification system

Mtu 8V 396 TE74L,mtu 12V 396 TE74L,mtu 16V 396 TE74L,mtu 8V 396 TE94,mtu 12V 396 TE94,mtu 16V 396 TE94,mtu 8V 396 TE74L,mtu 12V 396 TE74L,mtu 16V 396 TE74L,mtu 8V 396 TE54,mtu 12V 396 TE54,mtu 16V 396 TE54,mtu 8V 396 TC64,mtu 12V 396 TC64,mtu 8V 396 TE64,mtu 12V 396 TE64,mtu 16V 396 TE64,mtu 8V 396 TE74,mtu 12V 396 TE74,mtu 16V 396 TE4,mtu 8V 396 TE84,mtu 12V 396 TE84,mtu 16V 396 TE84,mtu 16V 396 TB84,mtu 12V 396 TB94,mtu 16V 396 TB94,mtu 8V 396 TC54,mtu 12V 396 TC54,mtu 16V 396 TC54,mtu 8V 396 TC34,mtu 12V 396 TC34,mtu 16V 396 TC34,mtu 8V 396 TB34,mtu 12V 396 TB34,mtu 16V 396 TB34,mtu 8V 396 TE34,mtu 12V 396 TE34,mtu 16V 396 TE34,mtu 8V 396 TC34R,mtu 12V 396 TC34R,mtu 16V 396 TC34R,mtu 6V 396 TB34R,mtu 8V 396 TB34R,mtu 12V 396 TB34R,mtu 16V 396 TB34R,mtu 6V 396 TC34,mtu 6V 396 TB34,mtu 8V 396 TC34D,mtu 12V 396 TC34D,mtu 16V 396 TC34D,mtu 8V 396 TB34D,mtu 12V 396 TB34D,mtu 16V 396 TB34D,mtu 6V 396 TC14,mtu 8V 396 TC14,mtu 12V 396 TC14,mtu 16V 396 TC14,mtu 8V 396 TB14,mtu 12V 396 TB14,mtu 16V 396 TB14,mtu 8V 396 TE14,mtu 12V 396 TE14,mtu 16V 396 TE14,mtu 12V 396 TB44,mtu 16V 396 TB44,mtu 12V 396 TE44,mtu 16V 396 TE44,mtu 12V 396 TB44L,mtu 16V 396 TB44L,marine diesel engine,marine main engine,mtu short-medium-heavy-time engine,mtu work boats,tugs,barges engine, mtu auxiliary vessels engine,

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