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Weichai CW250 series (1103-1960kW)

Parameters Table

Type Four-stroke, water cooled, in-line, turbocharged and intercooled Number of cylinders 6/8
Bore & stroke 250×300 (mm) Displacement 88.36 L / 117.81 L
Oil consumption rate ≤0.6 g/kW.h Noise ≤110 dB(A)
Minimum fuel consumption rate 195 g/kW.h Idle speed 40% rated speed
Rotation  Clockwise Dimensions (L×W×H) / net weight L6 front-placed:3817×1371×2458 (mm) / 12000kg
(facing the flywheel) L6 rear-placed:4494×1561×2495 (mm) / 12000kg
L8 front-placed:4723×1432×2492 (mm) / 15300kg
L8 rear-placed:5534×1561×2492 (mm) / 15300kg
Model Portfolio Table

Series Model Rated power  Rated speed Fuel and configuration Emission Power rating
kW/Ps r/min Diesel oil 180 cst HFO
CW250 CW6250ZLC-1 1103/1500 750 Monomer pump Monomer pump IMO Ⅱ P1
CW6250ZLC-2 1323/1800 900 Monomer pump Monomer pump IMO Ⅱ P1
CW6250ZLC 1470/2000 1000 Monomer pump Monomer pump IMO Ⅱ P1
CW8250ZLC-1 1470/2000 750 Monomer pump Monomer pump IMO Ⅱ P1
CW8250ZLC-2 1760/2395 900 Monomer pump Monomer pump IMO Ⅱ P1
CW8250ZLC 1960/2667 1000 Monomer pump Monomer pump IMO Ⅱ P1

Remark: Product parameters and model portfolio are for reference only. Please contact relevant personnel for official information on delivery time and fishing boat model portfolio.

Product description

Safe and reliable

  • High strength engine block, crankshaft and connecting rod structure, and high safety factor ensure the good reliability of the products

Strong power

  • The high-pressure oil pump, turbocharger, injector, and air valve are optimally matched, with wide power coverage and large torque reserve
  • Low-speed and high-torque design ensures the quick response and fast speed increase of the engines
  • Replace the filter without stopping

Economical and fuel-efficient

  • The engines are featured by four-valve technology, pulse conversion turbocharger, large intake air volume, and sufficient combustion, and the lowest fuel consumption rate can reach 195g/kW•h
  • Customized design for lower fuel consumption
  • Heavy fuel oil is allowed

Comfortable and environmentally friendly

  • Large stiffness damping leaf spring shock absorber is adopted, so that vibration is small and noise is low
  • IMO II emission requirements are met

Strong practicability

  • The turbocharger can realize free end or flywheel end layout to meet the requirements of different ship types

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