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containerized generator set

Containerized diesel generator sets are available in standard type and silent type

According to the international standard container design and manufacturing, 20 feet below 1000KVA, 40 feet above 1250KVA; With the CSC certification certificate in line with the International Container Safety Convention, the whole unit can be directly shipped as a standard container, which greatly saves transportation costs; The container is equipped with two explosion-proof lamps / one explosion-proof lamp on the control screen, which is convenient for users to operate and maintain; The front and rear doors of the container can be opened, and side doors are provided on both sides of the box body to facilitate user maintenance and maintenance, and there are ladders outside the box; All hinges, locks and bolts are made of stainless steel, and anti-wave and rain-proof devices are installed in the container; The control screen and output switchgear are on the same side of the container, which is convenient for daily operation and output cable connection; The standard configuration is a permanent magnet excitation PMG system, which improves the starting ability of the motor and has immunity to waveform distortion; Fuel tank and pipeline, oil discharge, silencer, etc. have many unique designs, favored by users;
The interior of the silent cabinet not only has high-performance aging resistant flame retardant sound insulation materials and sound absorption materials, but also has a wonderful design for noise reduction in the intake and exhaust air

> Product features

1. Sound-absorbing cotton and metal perforated plates are laid around the container body and flowering;

2. The floor in the box is laid with anti-slip pattern aluminum plate;

3. The noise reduction effect is 70-80dBA (LP7m);

4. The box is equipped with control room, oil supply system, lighting system, and maintenance space;

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