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Gas generator set

3~3000KW land diesel generator set, gas generator set

The main fuel of gas generator sets is natural gas, oilfield associated gas, liquefied petroleum gas, etc., which are widely used in oilfields and areas rich in natural gas resources. The machine starts quickly, is easy to operate, has a complete protection system, and has advanced economic indicators, which can be used as power and power equipment for oilfields and local enterprises. Its main applications are:
(1) Use wellhead associated gas to drive the pumping machine;
(2) Use excess natural gas to generate electricity on the Internet;
(3) Use the natural gas separated by the gathering station to drive the water injection pump and mixing pump;
(4) Natural gas filling station, as an alternative power source or direct drive compressor;
(5) The hotel acts as a backup/alternative power source;
(6) It is applied to the combined cooling, heating and power system to realize the cascade utilization of energy, high comprehensive efficiency and reduce operating costs;
(7) Establish small and medium-sized power stations.
1. Gas engine: Deutz 6M, 8M, 234, 604, 620 series and Cummins B series, C series, L series, M series, N series, K series diesel engine as the development body, according to the physical characteristics of gas fuel, the cylinder head, piston, piston ring, intake and exhaust valves, valve seat inserts, camshaft and other main heat load parts are re-optimized, extending the service life of the engine under high heat load conditions. The fan, cooling water tank, intercooler, turbocharger, exhaust manifold and other components are re-selected according to the characteristics of the gas engine, which is a gas engine in the true sense.
2. Industrial-grade ignition control system: electronically controlled (ECU) sequential ignition system, according to the working conditions of the gas generator set, real-time calibration through software, preparation of load-ignition MAP diagram, accurate control of ignition time. Matching industrial-grade high-energy independent ignition coil (80 mJ-300 mJ optional) and spark plug to improve combustion efficiency, reduce engine exhaust temperature, improve starting performance, stable and reliable.
3. Gas special speed control system: it adopts international well-known brand gas special speed controller, which has small speed fluctuation, fast transient response, stable operation, high output power quality, and the electrical performance of the unit reaches G2 standard or above. Steady-state speed regulation≤± 0.2% Transient speed regulation≤±4% Frequency fluctuation≤±0.5% Steady-state voltage regulation≤±0.3% Settling time≤ 2 seconds.

4. Low pressure design and low fuel consumption: adopt international advanced gas flow control technology and lean combustion technology, optimize the pressurization system, accurate high-energy ignition, provide engine combustion efficiency, and reduce fuel consumption. The pipeline pressure reaches 0.5kPa and can be used.
5. Generator: using a well-known brand of brushless self-excitation synchronous generator with voltage automatic regulator, the main rotor is an integral salient pole punch, using aluminum die-casting and full damping winding connected into one, the winding interlayer adopts advanced thermosetting epoxy filling, with good electrical insulation and reliable mechanical strength. The generator complies with GB755, BS5000, VDE0530, NEMAMG1-22, IED34-1, CSA22.2 and AS1359 standards.
6. Gas supply safety valve group: the gas regulating pipeline and safety design meet the certification of the EU gas parts standard 90/356/EWG.
7. Unit control cabinet: using the international well-known brand comAp controller, it has extremely high reliability and stability. Modular design, compact structure, simple wiring, easy operation and maintenance. The control panel has a 4-line ultra-wide LCD text display and a variety of protection functions to realize remote monitoring.
8. Waste heat recovery system: using high-efficiency heat exchanger, recovering cylinder liner water and flue gas waste heat, generating high-quality hot water or steam, the total thermal efficiency of the unit is greater than 85% (can be designed according to the specific requirements of customers), in line with the European DGRL 97/23 standard
9. Intelligent cogeneration control and control system: The intelligent CHP management system produced by patented technology can realize thermal or electric heating to meet the different needs of users.
10. Silent design: the noise pressure level of the unit at 7 meters ≤ 70 decibels, and some units are less than 55 decibels.
11. Gas unit manufacturing standards: in line with NEMA/ISO/IEC/CSA, ISO8528, ISO3046, GB/T2820.5-1997, BG/T22343-2008.
12. Gas unit safety standards: in line with European gas system technical specifications 90/356/EWG, ECE R110, R67, CE standards.

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