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High pressure diesel generator set

High-voltage units are used in emergency backup power systems such as metallurgical enterprises, airports, and data centers, because the output voltage of the unit of 10kV is consistent with the voltage of the original power supply system, and can be directly connected to the power supply system, eliminating a large amount of equipment investment in the power supply and distribution system. At the same time, due to the high output voltage of the unit, the output current is small, and the power loss in the power transmission process is small, which is suitable for long-distance transmission. In the application of large capacity requirements and long power transmission distance, high-voltage diesel generator sets have obvious advantages such as large capacity, long-distance power supply, centralized construction of machine room, strong reliability, simple supporting power distribution system, etc., which is the inevitable trend of large-capacity unit selection and application, and high-voltage diesel generator sets have been widely used in banks, data centers, metallurgy, civil aviation and other fields.
The main voltage levels of 50Hz high-voltage diesel generator sets are: 6kV, 6.3kV, 6.6kV, 10kV, 10.5kV, 11kV, etc., the power of a single unit is generally more than 1000kW, and multiple units are used in parallel. The high-voltage unit control system is mainly composed of two parts: high-voltage switchgear and centralized console.
The high-voltage switchgear can be centrally managed in a dedicated power distribution room, and the centralized console can be installed in the central control room

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