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Wind-energy products

The company is the earliest enterprise to design and manufacture wind-energy gearboxes, once took part in the Key Science and Technology Projects of National Ninth Five Plan, Research on Key Technology of Large Wind Power Generation System, drafted national standard GB/T19073-2008 Wind Turbine Generator System Gearbox. The company may provide wind turbine gearboxes ranging 100kW~5.5kW. The products over 1.5MW obtain internationally advanced core technologies of differential and flexible pin, featuring in even in load distribution, high in reliability, large in power density; suitable for working conditions on ocean and plateau. Sorts of wind turbine gearboxes the company produced have been operated in large wind farm in the country. Design and manufacturing capability are in domestic leading level.

Wind Turbine Gearbox below 1MW

1.5MW Series Wind Turbine Gearbox

2MW Series Wind Turbine Gearbox

2.5MW Series Wind Turbine Gearbox

3MW Series Wind Turbine Gearbox

3.6MW Series Wind Turbine Gearbox

5MW Series Wind Turbine Gearbox

Yaw and Pitch Gearbox

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