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Deutz Parts and Engines

Deutz is the world leader in air-cooled engines for the agricultural, industrial and automotive markets. Dependable, durable and powerful, Deutz diesel engines are the power plant of choice for thousands of applications worldwide. As an  Deutz Service Dealer, we sell genuine Deutz parts as well as provide factory trained service for all models of Deutz diesel engines.

Great Selection of New and Remanufactured Deutz Engines

DCM INDUSTRY. stocks new and remanufactured Deutz engines made in Chinese license DEUTZ plant: our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to serve all of our customers’ Deutz diesel engine needs.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our knowledgeable salespersons will gladly assist you.

Deutz engine can use for engineering mechanic, agricultural mechanic, generating set, and ship power and so on.

Engine model
Deutz 413,513 series(Air-cooled)
BF4L413FR F8L413 F8L513FL
BF6L413FR F8L413F BF8L513LC
BF8L413F F10413F BF10513
BF12L413FC F12L413F BF12L513
F4L413FR BF6L513 BF12L513C
F6L413F BF6L513FR/RC BF12L513CP
F6L413FR BF8L513 BF12L513FLC
Deutz 912,913 series(Air-cooled)
F2L912 F6L912 BF4L913
F3L912 F6L912T F6L913
F4L912 F3L913 BF6L913
F4L912W F4L913 BF6L913C
    BF6L914C (NEW)
Deutz 1012,1013,1015 ,2012 series(Water-cooled)
BF4M2012 BF4M1013EC BF6M1015RC
BF6M2012 BF6M1013E BF6M1015C/MV
BF4M2013 BF6M1013EC BF6M1015CP/MV
BF6M2013 BF4M1015RC BF8M1015C/MV
BF4M1013E BF6M1015 BF8M1015CP/MV

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