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Fire pump set

The automatic diesel engine fire pump water pump unit we provide, with imported brand Perkins, Deutz, Volvo Penta, joint venture brand Cummins, domestic diesel engines such as Shangchai, Wudong, Jichai and other diesel engines as the power, through the highly elastic coupling or diaphragm coupling produced by professional manufacturers and directly connected with the water pump, by the self-starting LCD control module to realize the automatic control of the diesel engine pump set. It can be equipped with water pumps with different heads and flows for customers to choose and use according to different needs.
Our range of double suction split centrifugal pumps features:
Pump casing mid-opening design, easy to disassemble, easy to check, when the need to replace parts, will not affect the pump body and inlet and outlet pipeline alignment center.
The double suction design has excellent suction performance, ensuring a high suction lift even when running at large flows. Pump shaft seals can be non-cooled packing seals or non-cooled single-acting unbalanced mechanical seals.
Single-stage double-suction centrifugal pump is a new type of energy-saving horizontal split pump, for transporting clean water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water, according to user needs, by changing the pump structure and material can be used to transport more muddy water or all kinds of corrosive liquids, this series of pumps are suitable for factories, mines, urban water supply and drainage, power stations, farmland drainage and irrigation and various water conservancy projects.

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