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Automobile products

Since 1980s’, the company has been involved in development of automobile transmissions, successively introduced Italy Fiat light bus transmission technology, French Peugeot car transmission technology and Renault commercial vehicle transmission technology, and developed HC series and T series transmission suitable for heavy truck, large or medium city bus, highway passenger car and commercial car, which match most domestic automobile manufacturers, with technical characteristics reaching advanced level of similar products in the country. Also, It developed a vehicle transfer case of 3.5 ton via cooperation with DongFeng Company, and then expanded to transfer cases for various off-road and special vehicles. With growth of new energy automobile, the company, combined with big domestic automobile groups, well-known universities, develops pure-electric and hybrid vehicle transmissions, which are used in pure electric bus, public bus, small-size four-wheeled electric vehicle, large electric city bus and hybrid drive cars. In recent years, it is engaged in development of AMT transmission for large and medium city buses.

HC-series Automobile Transmission

T-series Automobile Transmission

Automobile Transfer Case

Electric Automobile Transmission

AMT Electric Automobile Transmission (AMT)

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