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    3000 Series
    3100 Series
    3200 Series
    3300 Series
    3400 Series
    3500 Series
    C Series


Host B&W series
L26MC, S26MC, L35MC, S35MC, L42MC, S42MC, L50MC, S50MC, L60MC, S60MC, L70MC, S70MC, L80MC, S80MC, L90MC, S90MC, S46MC-C,S50MC-C, S60MC-C, S70MC-C ,K90MC,L55GFCA, L55GB, L67GF, L67GFC, L67GFCA, L80GFCA, L90GFCA, K67GF,K67GFC, L67GBE, K62EF, K74EF
RD series: RN44, RD68, RD76
RND series: RND68, RND68M, RND76, RND76M, RND90, RND90M
RL series: RLA/B56, RLA/B66, RLA/B76, RLA/B90
RT series: RTA38, RTA48, RTA48T, RTA52, RTA52U, RTA62, RTA62U, RTA76, RTA84, RTA84C
Host MAN series host:
L/V 40/54, L/V52/55, L/V52/55A, KZ52/90N, KZ60/105E, KZ70/120E, KZ70/125A, KZ70/125B, KSZ70/150CL, KZ85/160E, KZ90/160(A),KZ78/155F
Host Pielstick series (SXD, IHI, NKK):
PC2-2, PC2-5L/V, PC2-6L/V, PC4-570, PA6-280
Mitsubishi series diesel engines:
UET-30/65C, UET-45/75C, UET-45/80D, UET-52/105D, UEC-52/90C, UEC-65/135D, UEC-52HA/LA, 12MPTK20, UET35/95C, UET37/88H,UET52/105D
Auxiliary DAIHATSU series
PS-18, PS-20, PS-22, PS-26, PS-30, DS-18, DS-20, DS-22, DS-26, DS-28, DS-32, DL-14, DL-16, DL-19, DL-20, DL-22, DL-24, DL-26, DK-20,DK-28 PL-24
Auxiliary MAN B&W series
L20/27,L21/31, L23/30, L23/30H, T23LH-4, T23LH-2 ,L28/32A ,L28/32H
Auxiliary machine YANMAR series
KL, KFL, AL, RAL, HAL, GHL, KHL, KDL, LA, MAL, ML, UL, S165, S185, RL, GL, ZL, M200, M220, T220, T240, T260, Z280
AKASAKA series diesel engines:
A31, A34, A37, A41, AH25, AH27, AH28, AH30, AH33, AH36, AH38, AH40, DH38SS, DH51SS, DM30, DM36, DM38, DM46, DM47, DM47K, DM51SS, K28FD, UET45/75C, UET45/80D, UET52/105D, UEC45HA, UEC45LA, UEC37LA, UEC37/88H
HANSHIN series diesel engines:
EL30, EL32, EL35, EL40, EL44, ELS35, ELS44, 6L26, 6L26BSH, LF50A, LH26G, LH28, LH31G, LH34LA, LH41, LU28 (A, R, G), LU32, LU35, LU38, LU40, LU46 (A), LU50, LU54, LUN28, LUD24, LUD26, LUD32, LUD35, LUS28, LUS38, LUS40,
NIIGATA series diesel engines:

6L16HS, 6L16X, 6L18CX, 6L18X, 6L20AX, 6L20CX, LF20BHS, 6NS(D/F)-G, 6M28(B)X, 6M28AFTE(AGT), 6M26KGSH, 6M31X, 6M31AX, 6M31AGT, 6M28EG, 6M33HS, 6MG22LX, 6(M)MG40EX(X), 6M28KGSH, 6M31EZ, 6M37A(C)HS, 8PA5L

Our range of supply is of all makers and models.
01.  Main Engines Spares.
02.  Auxiliary Engines Spares.
03.  Complete Purifiers, Separators & Spares.
04.  Complete Hydraulic Pumps, Motors & Spares.
05.  All types of Compressors & Spares.
06.  Fresh Water Generators.
07.  Heat Exchangers & Plates.
08.  Turbo Chargers & Spares.
09.  Anchors & Anchor Chains.
10.  Complete Cranes & Parts.
11.  Lashing Materials.
12.  Radars, Gyro & other Navigation Bridge Room Equipment.
13.  Automations and Electrical units.
14.  Other deck & store machines.
15.  Lifeboats, Life jackets etc etc.
We supply spares globally and arrange the delivery at any global port where the vessel is located.
We supply at the best price and quality.

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