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Marine Gearbox HCT600A/1

Marine Gearbox HCT600A/1 possesses functions of speed reduction, ahead and astern clutching and bearing propeller thrust. It is designed of vertically offset and two-stage transmission, featuring in small in volume, light in weight and large in ratio.

Main Data:

Input speed 1000-2100r/min
Reduction ratio 7.043、7.69、8.23 Trans. capacity 0.441kw/r/min
8.82 0.412kw/r/min
9.47 0.400kw/r/min
10.10  10.80 0.375kw/r/min
11.65 0.353kw/r/min
12.57 0.331kw/r/min
14.44 0.257kw/r/min
15.91 0.204kw/r/min
Control way Push-and-pull flexible shaft, electrically, pneumatically
Rated thrust 140KN
Center distance 500mm
L×W×H 878x1224x1346mm
Net weight 1700kg
Flywheel SAE21、18、16
Bell housing SAE00、0
Marine Gearbox HCT600A/1 is suitable for fishing, tug and various engineering and transport boats.

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